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Actress Ayomide Dawodu Returns To Nollywood with A Bang

Understanding the act and craft of acting takes a lot of training and exposure for an actor to give in his or her best to it. While some find it difficult, others do it effortlessly because for them it is inborn. This is the group Nollywood Actress and Producer, Ayomide Dawodu falls into. For close to a decade, this thespian has not only entertained Nigerians but has also added values to the film industry by being one of the few producers who go for topnotch settings in production. Though she was off the scene for a while after her marriage and childbirth but now she is back with a bang. In this chat with GberaTV , the actress ‘tell it out’ about her life, hiatus and her “Return Project”. All these we bring to you on a platter. Enjoy!

GberaTV: It is nice to have you around, Ma’am. Kindly give us an insight into your background

Ayomide Dawodu:  Thank you for having me. My name is Ayomide Dawodu as you know, and I am a Nollywood Actress. I am the second born of a family of five and growing up for me was a mixture of fun and duty because our parents delegated special responsibilities to us all.  I started my educational journey at Divine International Primary then proceeded to Pislib De Varsity at Felele . As for my secondary education, I attended a two or three schools due to some factors but eventually finished from St. Annes after which I gained admission to study Accounting at the prestigious Lagos State University

GberaTV: . When and how did you start acting? -What prompted you to go into acting?

Ayomide Dawodu:  The dream of becoming a thespian has always been with me for as long as I can remember. At every opportunity that came my way, I always wanted to showcase my talent. Then, I had delay in gaining university admission. So, while I was seeking admission, my parents encouraged me to learn a trade in order to utilize my time. While we were contemplating on what to learn, I stumbled on an advert on facebook calling for aspiring actors. I followed it up, went for auditions and eventually in 2009, I joined a caucus in Abeokuta and in 2010, I started acting. So, professionally, I would say I started acting in 2010 in some Abeokuta movies. In 2011, I relocated and joined Lagos caucus and since then, I have been in the industry

GberaTV:  Is it a most for an aspiring actor to join a caucus?

Ayomide Dawodu:  It depends on a number of factors. We are all equally created but not equally gifted. Joining a caucus exposes one to the act and craft of the profession. It’s like a platform for growth and development. In almost every profession, there is a time to learn and serve become one becomes a professional. That is what a caucus does. It’s a training platform.

GberaTV:  What movie will you say brought you to limelight?

Ayomide Dawodu:   It was a T.V series titled “Ojowu” as produced and directed by Bayo Tijani where I played the role of Afeez Eniola’s wife. A wife who is very jealous and saucy. That character made many people to believe in my skills because before then, most people have always seen me as the quite character who wouldn’t be able

GberaTV: Tell us some of the movie you featured in / Produce

Ayomide Dawodu: I have featured in many movies but I can mention few and these includes Aroba, Aja, Soko Soja, Tani Were, Sisi Caro, OMO Iya Alagbo, Emotions, Ojowu, OMO Oloja, Egungun Eja, OMO Oloni, and I have have produced 3movies!!Omo Oloja,Egungun Eja,OMO Oloni!!

GberaTV:  What inspired to become an actress?
Ayomide Dawodu:  My inspiration comes from the happiness I see on people’s faces whenever I performed in church drama and stage plays back then. For me, it was a thing of joy to see people laugh away their sorry just by watching me act in different characters on stage. From that moment, I started observing my skills. Sometimes, I would look into the mirror and act in different characters just to see what would come out of it. After a while, my mother encouraged me to give acting a thought which I did.

GberaTV: . What exactly do you hope to achieve with your acting?
Ayomide Dawodu:  I want to achieve happiness that would transcend material things. I want to be a source of happiness to people on and off screen. This is what drives me

GberaTV:  What have you learnt in the movie industry that you think everyone looking forward to acting should know?

Ayomide Dawodu:  What I have learnt is that the movie industry is not a place for those who are not ready to grow, develop and be dynamic. It’s a very challenging terrain whereby a hundred and one persons can do better than what one can do. It means nobody is in disposable. So, to remain relevant one must continue to learn and face the challenges squarely. The competition is tough and everybody is trying to outshine the other. So to remain relevant one must be dynamic and blend with the trend

GberaTV:  What aspect of your background or education has been most helpful to your experience as a young actress and Producer?

Ayomide Dawodu:  My education and background has greatly helped my career. My background helped because of the training of duty and responsibility inculcated in me by my parents, while my education through which I became a certified accountant has influenced the way and manner I generate and allocate resources to projects. It has helped me not to exceed budget 

GberaTV:  What were the defining moments for you when you started acting?

Ayomide Dawodu:  My defining moment was when I was given an opportunity to act a character that people thought I couldn’t. By my look and appearance, most people jump into conclusion about what I can do and not do. So, at a time, we were at location and I was called to try a character that people thought I couldn’t. I did not only do it well but I also embellished it to the extent that the director said that was exactly what he wanted. From that moment, people have come to know me as that versatile lady who can put on any character whenever she is called upon

GberaTV:  Have you won any awards, honors or special recognition as an individual or on movies you produced?

Ayomide Dawodu:  Yes, I won an award as the best New Act at Maya Awards. Apart from that, I have gotten a number of nominations. I was recently nominated in City People Awards as the Best Upcoming actress..

GberaTV:  What would you describe as your secret formula for success?

Ayomide Dawodu:  Prayer and submission. Everyone that desires success must be prayerful and then submits to the will of God

GberaTV:  In and outside the movie industry who is/are your mentor (s) and why??

Ayomide Dawodu:  My mentors are Joke Silver and Omotola Ekeinde.  The reason why I admire these two is because they both have never had scandals and their acting is superb. Besides, they are both successful actresses.

GberaTV: What were your major obstacles during the initial points of acting?

Ayomide Dawodu:  Shuffling between school and acting was very challenging. It wasn’t really easy. Then becoming a producer was another big challenge. But to God be the glory, I was able to scale through these hurdles

GberaTV: Tell us one interesting thing that many people don’t know about you??

Ayomide Dawodu:  Most people really don’t know that I am a very free and lovable person because most times they see me as a snub because I keep to myself and sometimes I can be crazy as well.

GberaTV: What’s the weirdest thing has fan has done for you?

Ayomide Dawodu: There was a time, a fan was all over me and he told me that I have got nice lips and that he felt like kissing me.  I was like omg that’s crazy!! I couldn’t believe it but that’s what we get for who we are

GberaTV: What are your plans for the future? 
Ayomide Dawodu: I place my plans in the One who knows tomorrow. I don’t plan without involving God because He is the one that has taken me this far.  However, I look forward to a future where I will be a great mother to my children and a great role model to the audience. Basically, I want to be a light in the darkness of people. I want to restore hope, build happiness through my productions and movies

GberaTV:  What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

Ayomide Dawodu: like I said earlier as I would want to leave the world better than the way I met it that would be the best legacy I would want to leave n it will be my greatest achievement!!

GberaTV: Can you act nude?

Ayomide Dawodu: No I can’t act nude it against my principles!!

GberaTV: Do you have any advice for young/ aspiring actors/actresses?

Ayomide Dawodu: My advice to the upcoming young actors and actresses is that they should always put God first on whatever decision they make in building their career and also not go into competition with any one and not to be carried away by the flashy things that will come across their ways. In all, they should don’t be what they are not!

GberaTV:  How has nollywood and acting generally improved your life and that of your fans?

 Ayomide Dawodu: Yes my life has really improved in a way that when people come across me and they get to know me as an actress they tend to approach me well and give me preferential treatment. Also, it’s has improved my social life too because I have to always dress well to occasion because am known face and I don’t just go to any how party and irrelevant outings


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GberaTV:  What project are you working on presently?

Ayomide Dawodu: I am working on a new project that is going to open a new chapter in the history of Nollywood in general and the Yoruba section of Nollywood. It’s a movie that is going to redefine storytelling and movie production. We have moved beyond the conceptualization stage. We are now putting scripts together. Once we are done, we will hit the ground running f

GberaTV:  That’s great. Thank you very much for your time out. We look forward to you new project

Ayomide Dawodu: The pleasure is mine


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