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The Nigerian Army says Colonel Anthony Okeyim, who was found dead at his apartment in Command Secondary School Apata in Ibadan, Oyo State, died as a result of intracranial pressure arising from fracture of the skull.

Before his death, Okeyim was commandant of the school.
A statement by a spokesman for the command, Colonel, Timothy Antigha, said the cause of death was discovered after an autopsy was conducted, as part of ongoing investigation.

After Okeyim’s death on December 12, 2016, the Headquarters of the Two Division in conjunction with the Oyo State Police Command and the Department of State Services in Oyo State, commenced investigation into the unfortunate incident.

“The process is still ongoing and appreciable progress has been made.

“However, to avoid rumours and speculative reporting, it has become expedient to provide you with an update on the state of the investigation.

“Consequently, it is my duty to state that an autopsy was conducted and the finding was that the late senior officer died as a result of intracranial pressure arising from fracture of the skull,” the statement read.

Colonel Antigha further assured the family of the deceased that the “ongoing investigation would not leave any stone unturned and would also not be concluded until the perpetrators of the crime are identified and brought to justice”.

He said any other stories connected with the case being spread by certain faceless individuals were false, diversionary and aimed at derailing the ongoing investigation.

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