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“As a rapper, I am also a street apostle of the people…….” Damilare

Since year 2000 when Lord of Ajasa took the forefront in the innovation of mainstream indigenous rap with his first single ‘Ma Yi Lo’, indigenous rappers have continued to rise. From Dagrin to Olamide to Phyno, the trend is that “Local ti take over”. In this same genre is Damilare, a fast rising indigenous rapper based in Ibadan. Damilare’s kind of rap style is indeed great. He speaks, eats and breathes rap. If you get to listen to him, you would be glued to him rapping. Apart from his rap style which got IbadanKiniso’s crew nodding and feeling his vibe, the young talented artiste, tells us how the journey has been, and why he considers himself a street apostle. Enjoy reading…

IbadanKiniso: Kindly introduce yourself

Damilare: My name is Temidire popularly known as Damilare. I am a versatile indigenous rapper with blend of all genre of music.

IbadanKiniso: How did you come up with the name “Damilare”?

Damilare: It all started during my days in secondary school. Back, then whenever I spit bars within the circles of my friends, they would always say “Temidire, Oluwa da e lare gan, Oluwa da e lare pelu gift yi.” which literally mean, “God has blessed you so much with talent”. So, after a while, when I decided to go professional into Music, the name just came back to my head and I embraced it. I embraced it because it reminds me of how fortunate I am to be so blessed by God of which I don’t want to lose it.

IbadanKiniso: How was growing up like for you?

Damilare: I come from a very humble family of five and I am the third child. My family is one cardinal influence and inspiration for me because of the values impacted in me while growing up. Though my parents are not wealthy but they are very responsible people who catered for the success of their children. So, growing up for me was like another school outside the formal school. In short, it was characterized by discipline and fun

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IbadanKiniso: What genre of music do you sing?

Damilare: In the entertainment industry today, versatility is the key. Though my original genre is rap music but I can fuse other genre into my songs.

IbadanKiniso: What inspired you into rap music?

Damilare: “Oluwa lo damilare” (God blessed me with it). There is a saying that man proposes God disposes. Everything I do is inspired by God. God gave me this talent and I can’t waste it. So, God is my major inspiration. Also, if you observed, you will discover that in recent times, indigenous sounds are taken over. It is more like a movement. So, I am joining this movement to promote our sound, art, culture and what have you. I get inspiration from our language, our culture and environment. The beauty of the Yoruba language cannot be ignored in music. For example, the Yoruba phrase “Ogun” can be translated into more than ten words yet with different pronunciation. For example, “Ogun” can mean War, it can mean inheritance, it can mean numeric twenty, it can mean also be said to be a state in Nigeria. So, as a rapper, I find such very interesting and I can fuse it in my lyrics. So, our culture and language are just too beautiful to ignore. These things informed my flair for rap music

IbadanKiniso: Is that how you get your lyrics?

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Damilare: Yes I must confess. However, that is not the only way. I also get lyrics from current trends and happenings in town. As a rapper, I am also a street apostle reaping the people. So, I have to get lyrics from trends, convert it and give it back to the streets

IbadanKiniso: Is anyone musically inclined in your family?

Damilare: No, they are all into something else. Though we never can tell for now

IbadanKiniso: Considering the fact that no one in your family is into music, would you say you received support from them?

Damilare: At first, it was very difficult to convince my parents especially my mother. She had this impression that I was going to become a bad boy if I go into music. That was just her fears. It took me a while to get her support. But eventually I did because she too discovered that, I was richly blessed and she doesn’t want to hinder my support. Today, she is my biggest fan

IbadanKiniso: Do you have anyone in the industry that you see as role model?

Damilare: To be sincere, I get inspired by a number of both indigenous rappers and afropop singers. However, Seriki is my number one role model. I inspire and respect him so much because we share a lot together.

IbadanKiniso:  How many songs have you written and released so far?

Damilare: I have 13 songs and they have all been released. Though am working on a number of new projects but these songs are everywhere already

IbadanKiniso: What do you hope to achieve with music?

Damilare: I hope to achieve a massive revival of Yoruba culture in Music. I want to be known as that artiste who came with a new sound for the people. I want to be known as the street apostle who uses music to bless the people

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IbadanKiniso: What are the challenges you have faced in the music industry?

Damilare: Challenges are part of life. At every stage, we come across hindrances and obstacles which discourage us. There is the challenge of money. To produce good song requires good production and good production gulps money. Studio sessions are not free. Also, the challenge of platforms or record label. As an upcoming artiste, getting my song on airplay is very challenging and tasking because we are not connected. The challenges are so much that sometimes one gets frustrated


IbadanKiniso: So, what keeps you going in the face of all these challenges?

Damilare: It is the determination not to waste the talents given to me by God. How can I just let go? It’s not possible. Also, I strongly believe that with time, I will make it. So, no matter the challenge, I am ready to fight to win and I will win and blow



IbadanKiniso: What is your definition of success?

Damilare: Success means different thing to different. For some, it is when they blow and become popular. For others, it is when they make millions. For me, it is a combination of both but with an impact on the people, especially the people at the grassroot. I wouldn’t consider myself successful if I have not given back to the street which produced me

IbadanKiniso: Thank you Damilare for coming around. It’s a pleasure having you

Damilare: Thank you Ibadankiniso for having me. I really appreciate

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