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BUKAS & JOINT with FALILAT @ Gateway Food Canteen

On Today’s edition of Bukas and Joints, we visited Gateway Food Canteen a.k.a Iya Suliya at Engineering Bus-stop after Gada, Odo-Ona, Apata Ibadan.falilat4

Though it is a small shop, just growing canteen, they have good customer relation and sell nice food

I had interactions with the “Suliya Gangan” of Gateway food canteen and I learnt that the name is not new in food business.falilat2

The canteen just moved down to Odo Ona from another area a month ago. They sell what we call ‘Okele’ abi the tush people call ‘swallow’ ranging from lafun (white amala), Amala dudu, Eba, Fufu, and Iyan. They also sell egusi, ewedu & gbegiri

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Don’t let us do to their meat aspect, they have varieties; saki, edo, roundabout, ogunfe, you just name it. And to give assurance, I tasted the food and there is dope as in wooooooow.falilat3

To top the food, they also sell drinks and water. So anytime you are around the area, you can branch to testify to what I just told you and for your information, their food is always ready as early as 8am and always steaming hot.

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