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Welcome to this week’s edition of ‘BUKAS ‘N’ JOINTS’ with FALILAT. This week’s edition was fun as the owner of IYA ILA FOOD CANTEEN really attended to the IBADANKINISO crew well.

As soon as we were getting close to IYA ILA FOOD CANTEEN, situated strategically opposite COMMAND SECONDARY SCHOOL, the aroma of delicious food could be perceived. I actually thought my sense of smell was overly sensitive until another person confirmed my doubts.

            When we go the restaurant, I saw lots of things that only mouth cannot explain. I was surprised when I saw the pot of stew with palm oil floating; I could kill for the sizes of meat in it. You will be surprised that such great things existed in that small but very neat environment.


When I interviewed “Iya Ila gangan”, as in the CEO of IYA ILA FOOD CANTEEN, she said she has been in the business for a very long while but moved down to the present location five years ago. She also listed quite a number of different soups they cook and its fascinating to know that you can find soups such as Isapa, that are hardly sold in restaurants.

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            IYA ILA FOOD CANTEEN doesn’t only sell swallow ooh, she does a little bit of international too; I mean fried rice and Jollof rice and trust me, you can compare the fried rice & jollof rice to the ones you get in big eateries. Don’t ask me how I know, probably because after eating two wraps of white Amala (lafun), Ewedu soup and two big meat (Ogunfe to be precise), I also got a packaged plate of the fried rice & Jollof rice. For those that cannot eat rice without plantain too, you are covered.


Back to our own dishes here, in IYA ILA FOOD CANTEEN, you can get eba, white amala, black amala, pounded yam and fufu.

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I was privileged to also interview one of her customers and he said; “I have been patronizing IYA ILA FOOD CANTEEN for about two years now. I patronize this food canteen not only because of the delicious meals but also because of the customer relationship. If am to rate, I will rate their customer service the best. Iya Ila is also a very good and responsible woman”

In the short while I was in the canteen, people came in suits and ties to buy food. For those that couldn’t eat there, there were fancy take-away packs with ‘IYA ILA FOOD CANTEEN’ stickers on it; just to let you know that this canteen also has PACKAGING.

When I asked Iya Ila how her business has been and the unique thing her restaurant has, she said it has been great and that the unique thing about her restaurant is that asides from the numbers of foods she sells, you can also get cold drinks; even alcoholic. She said some customers are not usually satisfied until they take something chilled after eating and some even prefer taking beer.

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Oh yes! I almost forgot to gist you about the meat. The sizes were big as in OMOLUABI-like, for those that likes big meat. There were varieties ranging from bush meat (Erangbe), any part of cow meat (saki, roundabout, edo and the likes) and ogunfe.


To cap it all, it’s very affordable. So any time you are coming from Omi Adio area or going towards NNPC, just drop by Bode-Igbo junction, opposite COMMAND SECONDARY SCHOOL, I promise you will get really delicious and HOT food. Trust me, the experience will worth your time.


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