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‘Emir Sanusi Is An Hypocrite, An Enemy Of Islam For Riding Rolls Royce While His People Suffer’ – Yari

The last has not been heard of the war of words between Zamfara State Governor Abdu-laziz Yari and the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, as Yari has described the Emir as an enemy of Islam.

Recall that the monarch had criticized the Governor over his statement attributing the outbreak of Meningitis to God’s punishment for fornication.


Governor Yari, in a statement released by his Special Adviser ((Public Enlightenment and Communication), Ibrahim Dosara, accused the traditional ruler of hypocrisy by living a flamboyant lifestyle despite the palpable poverty, epidemics, maternal mortality and social vices in Northern Nigeria.

“Recently, our erudite emir has been mired in several controversies, which rather than enhance his profile and the integrity of royalty, has put him very much on the spot.

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“And the emir has put up a spirited defence of all the allegations against him. But he was not transparent enough, as he always accused officials, especially governors, to tell the public what he found in the Kano Emirate palace coffers when he ascended the exalted throne. This is the least of his people’s expectations of him. It was the first that our finest royalty would offer.

“Sacrifice is another attribute known to our royal fathers. But when an emir pledges to commit his hard-earned resources for the face-lifting of the palace where he alone would reside and eventually transfers the burden to his impoverished subjects, there is a breach, or a problem.

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“The late Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki, of blessed memory, used his money to rebuild the Sultan’s Palace in Sokoto to his taste, but until his demise, he never tendered the bill to his subjects for reimbursement.

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