I Do Not Only See Ibadan Becoming A State, I See Her Becoming The Giant Of West Africa – Folakemi-Mighty

She is beautiful, intelligent and full of wise sayings. She is ever smiling, friendly and loves Ibadan beyond words. I have never seen anyone so passionate and enthusiastic about Ibadan. Who else is worthy of all these accolades than Folakemi Arowolo of Naija FM, popularly known as Folakemi-mighty. Ibadankiniso had a time out with her, and I tell you, every second was worth it. Enjoy!

Ibadankiniso: Who is Folakemi-mighty?

Folakemi-mighty: Folakemi Arowolo is from Ile Ife in Osun State, I studied Mass Communication and Media Tech in Lead City University, I graduated some years back, and right now, I am an OAP at Naija FM Ibadan.

Ibadankiniso: Would you like to tell us some things about your family background?

Folakemi-mighty: I grew up in Ile Ife, I am the fourth child and second girl. I am from a Christian home, my parents still live in Ife. .

Ibadankiniso: What exactly drives you, what is behind your passion for the media?

Folakemi-mighty: Well, I think some of the time, you just discover some things about yourself, and sometimes it might not necessarily be you. Some people could just observe some things and they suggest; why don’t you do this or that? There are some things also that just spring up from within and are just natural. So, somehow along the line, I just found passion in mass communication and decided to study it.

Ibadankiniso: When exactly did you start working at Naija FM?

Folakemi-mighty: Amazingly, this is my first radio job and it’s going to be one year tomorrow (1st Oct. 2016) . I am the same age with Naija FM Ibadan.

Ibadankiniso: What challenges have you faced so far?

 Folakemi-mighty: Challenges? Well, when I was coming in as a radio person, I was a teacher. I wouldn’t say it was really a challenge, but of course, it was a different world entirely. It’s not something that I can say was exactly easy, but because it has been in me, I didn’t find it so difficult to adjust. Normally, I host and plan events before coming into the media. So, talking is just natural to me. Of course, you can’t just come on air and start saying anything, but the fact that I have it in me, made it quite easy. Another challenge is that people expect you to be gay and happy all the time. But there are times when that cannot happen. So, when they greet you and you don’t respond the way they expect you to respond, there is a way they react. And then some times, people say some things to you on air that you don’t like, but you cannot react. Also, there are times when you don’t feel like going to work, but you know that you owe your audience. And whatever happened to you before you go to work, you have to drop it and put up another personality. Naija FM Ibadan is majorly an entertainment outfit and you cannot entertain if you are not happy, so you have to be happy even when you are not happy. Then it’s time consuming, but you don’t have a choice because you are enjoying it and getting paid as well.

Folakemi Arowolo (Folakemimighty)
Folakemi Arowolo (Folakemimighty)

Ibadankiniso: What was your first time on air like?

Folakemi-mighty: Oh yeah! I was nervous because it took some time before we got our go ahead to transmit because we had our test transmission and all. I can remember my voice was shaking because I realized I was talking to everybody in the whole world. But, it was cool because everybody learnt on the job, and of course we are still learning.

Ibadankiniso: How easy was it for you to switch from being a teacher to being an OAP?

Folakemi-mighty: Well, they are both communication because you talk. It’s just that being an OAP gives you a larger audience. It is almost the same because you have to prepare, you have to prepare your lesson note and you have to do your show prep also. Both comes with preparation. It was easy actually because most people found it difficult to believe that I am new on radio. I still see myself as a teacher because I educate my listeners. 

Ibadankiniso: What is it that people don’t know about you and you would like to share?

Folakemi-mighty: (laughs) I don’t know, it is when they ask that I will know what to tell them. Well, I could say that most people don’t know I am a mum, but I am a single mum. I have a son who is going to be six in November. Most people don’t know. Maybe some people don’t know I anchor events also. And then of course, I also have passion for teenagers, I have an initiative called ‘Girls empowered and focused’. The target is teenagers till around 21, to make them discover themselves and I want to use my voice and personality to make them realize that they are girls for a purpose and they don’t necessarily have to depend on anybody because God has created every woman in such a way that you have everything you need to be successful in life. I like to talk, I like to counsel people, and I like to make them realize that they have more than they think they have. Very soon, Girls empowered and focused will be launched maybe after October or sometimes towards the end of the year.

Ibadankiniso: From your profile, I learnt that you love old people. Would you like to shed more light on that?

Folakemi-mighty: (laughs) Oh yeah! You have done your research. There is something that scares me about old age, that is when people just stay and they don’t have people to talk to. I am looking forward to some time when I am going to have a home for the aged, where there can be this environment where there can be a lounge and they can relate with people of their age. The youths will also visit them and learn from their wrongs because they are not always right. But, they have this invaluable wealth of experience! It would be wonderful if the young people can learn from them. It is actually a long term project, but it is still in my head and I am nursing it.

Ibadankiniso: If you were not an OAP, what would you be doing?

Folakemi-mighty: Teaching! I love teaching, I also love to care for people. But I am sure if I were a nurse or medic, I am surely going to talk my patients to the next world.  So, I am sure if I were not an OAP, I am still going to be a teacher, or probably a nurse because I love to care for people.

Ibadankiniso: That is wonderful! Presently, Nigeria is experiencing economic recession. Has that affected the entertainment industry in any way?

Folakemi-mighty: Definitely! When we are talking about recession, it will surely affect our wellbeing. But then, in entertainment, the recession cannot affect your creativity or stop you from getting ideas. I think the recession is just a way of putting us in check. This is because there are lots of things we do that are excesses.  So, I think this recession is just a way to let us know that we can cut our excesses. In the entertainment industry, we have a lot of people who either want to drop their singles or release videos.  Of course they will have a rethink! But that will not stop them, a lot of things are still happening, especially in Ibadan. Entertainment keeps climbing the stairs every day and ready to pick up on its wings. I think this recession has just made us understand that we have to do a lot of things in moderation.

Folakemi Arowolo FolakemimightyIbaankiniso: Ok! So, where do you see the entertainment industry going to?

Folakemi-mighty: Wow! Permit me to start from Ibadan, I think I can speak more about Ibadan as a person. I think entertainment in Ibadan has woken up again and I feel that things are going to get better. This is because people in the entertainment industry are coming together and they are asking questions like ‘how do we step up the game?’ I believe that in few years’ time, Ibadan will be one place you can reckon with when it has to do with entertainment. Of course, some people might not want to identify with Ibadan because they believe that the pace is slow, but we are picking up.

Ibadankiniso: Would you like to share your happiest moment?

Folakemi-mighty: (laughs) I have had a lot of happy moments. As common as this question is, I don’t think I have ever asked myself. But I think one of my happiest moments was when my son told me that ‘mummy, I am going to make you proud’. I almost cried, because I know he is still a child, but he was able to understand making mummy proud. So, that is one of my happiest moments. Maybe when I became a mum, although I was almost unconscious, but in my subconscious I was very happy.

Ibadankiniso: Do you see Ibadan becoming a state?

Folakemi-mighty: Yes of course! I do not only see Ibadan becoming a state, but I see it becoming the giant of West Africa. ? Ibadan is a peaceful place and her inhabitants are friendly. They are always ready to help and assist.

Ibadankiniso: What do you know about Ibadankiniso?

Folakemi-mighty: I got to know Ibadankiniso on instagram and one thing I love them for is that everything they post is well researched and factual. They are also outstanding and unique from other blogs that I have seen in Ibadan. I believe with consistency, they are going places.

Ibadankiniso: Thank you so much for granting us an audience, we sure did have a wonderful time with you.

Folakemi-mighty: (smiles) you are most welcome!

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