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Ibadan traders president removed

President of Ibadan Joint Traders Association Dauda Oladepo was yesterday suspended by the Board of Trustees for “spearheading” the false removal of the Iyaloja of Ibadan, Mrs Labake Lawal.
The Secretary of the Board , Wahed Apanpa, announced his removal yesterday at an emergency meeting at Labaowo Market, Ibadan.
Apanpa described the Iyaloja’s removal as a lie and a strategy to cause rift among the traders.
“It is sacrilegious and an insult on the Olubadan, Oba Saliu Adetunji. How can someone wake up and announce the dethronement of a chieftaincy title conferred legimately by the Olubadan in council? This must be stopped and the offender punished.
In a telephone chat, Oladepo said nobody can suspend or remove him .
“I did not do anything that is contrary to the constitution of the association.”
It has been stated in our constitution that I am the life president and nobody can remove me. We don’t have any board of trustees in our association. I am th head and incharge of the administration of the traders association and it is illegal and unlawful to suspend me” he said
“It was alleged by these disgruntled elements that Chief Mrs Labake Lawal mismanaged the finances of the association hence the Oladepo group resorted to personally malign and destroy her in the social media. We then ask for whose interest?. It was all a calculated effort to stage a coup and just because Chief Labake put the interest of the members at heart, protecting their interests and not allow the scavengers, hawks and self centered Dauda Oladepo to have his way to loot and cart away the association money.” he said

Apanpa who noted that Oladepo lied that the Iyaloja of Ibadan also insulted the Iyalode of Ibadan, said the Iyaloja can never disrespect the Iyalod who is an higher authority in Ibadan.

He went further that:” Dauda Oladepo has bcome a cankerworm in the lives of all market traders as he goes about wth his thugs. He must be stopped and that is why we are suspending him indefinitely. Oladepo is a conspirator and an anachist.”

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