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Meet Fast Rising Ibadan Starlight – Foekuz

The Music entertainment industry in Nigeria in particular and the world in general is about to experience a bang with the emergence of Afro pop sensation, Marq Oladapo Sampson popularly known as Foekuz who has set to show to the world the stuff of which he is made of musically. In this encounter with Ibadankiniso, the young sensation talks about himself and his immediate plans for music among other things




Ibadankiniso:   Can we meet you??

Response:    Thank you very much. My name is Marq Oladapo Sampson, I am a Nigerian from Lagos and Delta States. I am an orphan. I lost my parents some years ago which really affected my life but I strongly believe in my destiny which is why I am working hard to show to the world the stuff of which I am made of.

Ibadankiniso:   When and how did you start singing?

Response:  Music has always been part of my life. In fact, I cannot state categorically when I started because I can’t remember. What I can remember is that at the age of 14, I took it serious  and recorded my first track 6 years ago

Ibadankiniso:   What prompted you to go into becoming a singer?

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Response:  Two things have been propelling me all my life. And this is the passion and the creativity behind making music. Its fascinates me whenever I see how music can be used to express all forms of emotions – happiness, anger, joy, etc

Ibadankiniso:   You’re doing a wonderful job with your career but, what scares you

Response:  I want to say I have come too far to back out.  I have come too far to lose up. Sometimes, when I think about my status I feel depressed. So, failure of not reaching the goal I set for myself Is what scares me

Ibadankiniso:   What is your inspiration?

Response:  Anything and everything is my inspiration.


Ibadankiniso:  What exactly do you hope to achieve with your songs?

Response: To derive satisfaction in entertaining people and to send a message across.  This is my goal. I want to be known as that musician who passes the message of hope, of joy. Using myself as an example, I want to give hope to the hopeless

Ibadankiniso:   What have you learnt in the entertainment industry  that you think every forward looking young person should know?

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Response: Entertainment, especially music is not an easy way out and to succeed in entertainment you need to have passion for it. A lot of hard work has to come into place.

Ibadankiniso:   What aspect of your background or education has been most helpful to your experience as a singer?

Response: The fact that I lost both parents at the age of 14 & 16 made me take my music career very serious.

Ibadankiniso:   What were the defining moments for you when you started as singing?

Response: The response I got the day I performed at an Engineering dinner party in UNIBEN, which happens to be my first performance as an artist and the response was very overwhelming.

Ibadankiniso:    What living person do you admire the most and why?

Response: Jay Z. Because no label will sign him and so he established his own record label, Roc-Fella. Then Bill Gate, whose first business was a failure but never gave up and now he’s extremely successful.

Ibadankiniso:   What were your major obstacles during the initial points of your career as an artist?

Response: Lack of finance to push my dream. What I have come to discover is that no matter how good one is, if there resources to push such talent is not available, such talent may waste away.

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Ibadankiniso:    What are your plans for the future?

Response: To take over the entertainment world and touch lives meaningfully. I want to be known as that singer who influences people to do good. I want to be do as that singer who helps young people reach the sky

Ibadankiniso:   To what extent do you think Nigerians embrace your kind of song?

Response: I can’t say for now cos I just started but everybody who have heard my songs has something good to say about it. Besides, music is evolving. It doesn’t remain the same

Ibadankiniso:   What concerts have you featured in so far as a musician?

Response: The cowbell tour around Nigeria Universities alongside notable names like Vector, Olu Maintain, Zoro, Small Doctor, Rayce, Skibi. Etc

Ibadankiniso:   How many songs/albums do u have now

Response: No album, just released my first official single titled “ALAKOBA”


Ibadankiniso: Thank you for your time

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