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Nigeria is a country flowing with milk and honey, how many number of citizens are enjoying it (Get Best Solution)

Nigeria is a country flowing with milk and honey,, yea, we all agree but how many number of citizens are enjoying it.
My name is oluwatosin fasuyi I represent Cynheston Event, a registered firm in Lagos and providing event logistics to meet clients demand and solving event challenges. Been educated is not a guarantee that one would be rich it’s just an Avenue for the mind to be exposed and to see opportunities around.
it’s not possible for everybody to work in oil and gas, banking, insurance etc. our parents ensured education for us to their best capacity but making money or turning our passion to generate income wasn’t emphasised.
Let me encourage why you need a skill. here are my points :
The government had failed before now don’t wait for the government to provide jobs that because a government that wants to provide jobs would have been planning such ten years before now so don’t keep waiting for the system.
Secondly, when you have a skill you tend to learn the building process from the scratch gaining experiences over time to make you better at the end.
Thirdly, you determine your price and your time. a lot of youth are under bandage at various places of their occupation they wear good suit, shirts, shoes but salaries are not paid some youths have not been paid over six months salaries yet we see them on the street or bus and we feel how I wish to be like this person when such person is also praying to be free. I was once like that the people you labored for enjoy while salaries are not paid to staffs.
When you have a skill and you provide a service then money is given in exchange. Take care for instance I do photography and when a client is in need of my service I render such and charge such client, when I have four clients in a month that means I’m working four times a months and I also determine how much I earn. when you have a skill it positions you to meet lots of people especially when you are good at what you do.
Please hear me no job anywhere because no previous provisions or plan in the yester years the only way for jobs is to go to all miniseries and pursue the old and the ones due for retirement even at that can it accommodate everyone looking for job. even while waiting for that job get a skill that would enable you generate income per time.
Let me tell you guys presently no job security in our country a woman that works with a top bank in Nigeria is having her training to been a photographer. that’s why I encourage you to be part of this intensive practical training on photography or videography. every equipment would be available with the facilitators who over the years have recorded success.
Imagine been a contract staff in a bank you get paid from 60k-80k per month, resume 7.30am-8.00pm when you can make more for yourself when you have a skill in photography or videographer.
for more about me or the training 08038154574.
The forms are available at the venue of the training and other places on the flyer
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