Scammed to stupor by whatsapp MMM’s

My mother always told me “Nothing is free, even in Freetown”, (I’m certain lots of things are free but thats not my point). I grew up with the mentality that whatever I have should be enough for me. If I can’t get whatever I need, then I must not cut corners or beg anyone for it.

So when MMM became viral in Nigeria, I just ignored it the way the Nigerian government is doing the dollar exchange rate. Because, “what I have is enough for me”. When MMM crashed, I was not bothered because I was not affected in any way.

Fast forward to last week. I was doing my thing, going on my own lane, not even the fast lane, browsing through my whatsapp messages on my bed before I fell asleep when it happened. As I was doing my own nice thing, I just saw a message someone posted on a group that said, “PH 5K and GH 15K within 12-24 hours, only serious-minded people wanted, you must have mobile banking, recycle to keep the family moving, we are here to help each other…”

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I was like, could this be real? I understood the meaning of PH and GH immediately because they used to talk about it on my class group so I just thought, “well life is a risk”, “something must kill man”, “entrepreneurs are risk takers so if I take this risk, I’ll be into entrepreneurship”. My mind was like, “#WehdoneMa”.

So I PH’d #5000 naira into the account of the person I was paired with and I was just there waiting for my glory to descend to me. “They said 24 hours so I can still give it time and forget about it for now”.

Sadly, my village people were still not satisfied. I needed to do more. So they made me see how numbers don’t lie, and if I do it, I do it big. So I joined another ‘serious’ group- that’s while my 15K was still loading from the first group.

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Well you can guess the rest.Till today I’m still waiting to be GH’d on both groups.

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