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Sooner than later, I will make a statement in the industry….Yooba Boi

It is no longer news that every now and then, new artistes and comedians jump into the entertainment industry with a mindset to blow overnight. Some joined out of frustration over economic realities of the day, while others joined because of passion and a desire to make people happy and rekindle the hope of people. The latter is the group Femi Ishare popularly known as Yooba Boi belongs to. A new act in the game, Yooba Boi is set to make a statement by changing the rules of the game. In this chat with Ibadankiniso, he talks about his comedy and other related matters. Enjoy!


Ibadankiniso: Kindly introduce yourself.

Yooba Boi: My name is Femi Ishadare Israel Ayoade popularly known as Yooba Boi. I am a comedian and a strong believer of talents and potentials

Ibadankiniso:  How was growing up like for you? Where are you from?

Yooba Boi: Growing up for me was a mixture of fun and discipline. I am from Osun state but was born and raised in Yemetu to be precise in Ibadan, Oyo state. I have three (3) siblings. One elder sister and two (2) younger sisters which makes me the only son. So, so much was expected from me. From my parents and my sisters but to the glory of God, I learnt a lot from them all. All I am today and whatever ever I become tomorrow will be because I had a solid home training characterized by discipline and character

Ibadankiniso: When and how did you start comedy?

Yooba Boi: The truth of the matter is that I never thought of going into the entertainment industry. I just do my thing whenever there is a platform or event. However, at a time, people started encouraging me to give it a trial and see how it works out. So, in 2016, I decided to horn my skills and here I am today

Ibadankiniso: This means you are just new in the game?

Yooba Boi: Yes I am new but you would agree with me that it is not how far but how well. The race is not for the swift but the graced. With God on my side, sooner than later, I will make a statement in the industry

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Ibadankiniso: What prompted you to go into comedy?

Yooba Boi: When I see people around me I believe some have issues disturbing them and they don’t want people to know. Though we all have issues ranging from the state of the economy and domestic issue but the truth of the matter is that the situations of some are so critical that it does not require medical attention. All they need is just a little dose of laugh and hope. This is what I stand for, this is my inspiration and this is what prompted me to go into comedy. To make people laugh and rekindled their hopes.

Ibadankiniso: What do you think you are bringing on board that would be different from other comedians?

Yooba Boi: What distinguishes me is that I just don’t make people laugh; I also give them hope of a better tomorrow. Though, as a comedian my principal duty is to make people laugh which is what most professional comedians do but what is the essence of laughing for a minute and become sorrowful for the rest of the day? That is the statement I want to make

 Femi Ishadare Israel AyoadeIbadankiniso: What exactly do you hope to achieve with your comedy?

Yooba Boi: At every platform, every event, every occasion, I want to see renewed hope in people. I want them to believe in their dreams; I want them to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. These are what I hope to achieve with my comedy so that after leaving the face of the earth, I will be remembered not only by my jokes but by the lives I have touched and added value to

Ibadankiniso: What have you learnt in the industry that you think every forward looking young person should know?

Yooba Boi: I am still learning and I will continue to learn. Learning for me is a lifelong thing. As an upcoming comedian, I have learnt to create an identity for myself in order for me to be different. This is what I think others should look forward to

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Ibadankiniso: What were the defining moments for you when you started comedy?

Yooba Boi: For now, I can say my defining moment will be when I visited shop rite to do my comedy skit and people looking at me, started laughing even without listening to me cracking jokes. That was like an acceptance for me because Nigerians are a difficult people to impress. For them to accept me before speaking and eventually laughed when I performed, showed that I can do it. That propelled me further.

Ibadankiniso: Have you won any awards, honors or special recognition as an individual?

Yooba Boi: For now, because I am just standardizing my acts, I have not gotten any. But am sure before 2017 runs out, I will get some

Ibadankiniso:  As a comedian, you are also an entrepreneur. What would you describe as your secret formula for success as an entrepreneur?

Yooba Boi: My secret formula is prayer. I mean seek the face of God in everything you involve yourself in and also believe in yourself. These are the keys to success and success in this context does not connote material wealth. It connotes fulfillments in personal goals in relations to humanity

Ibadankiniso:  What living person do you admire the most and why?

Yooba Boi: I admire a number of people but alive and late. The list is endless but I must mention sone. I admire Innocent Ujah Idibia, better known by his stage name 2face Idibia, or 2Baba he is an icon. In comedy world, I respect Ali Baba though he is not really funny but he is a pace setter and someone who lay the foundation for other comedians. I also respect Funke Akindele Jenifer because she is bold and outstanding.

Ibadankiniso:   What were your major obstacles during the initial points of your career?

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Yooba Boi: The greatest was how to make people laugh. Nigerians are not happy because of a number of economic and political challenges. An average Nigerian is not happy with the Nigerian state because our institutions are not working and life is difficult. But through the inspiration of God, we have been able to bring something out of it

Ibadankiniso:    What are your plans for the future?

Yooba Boi: My future plan is to be called around the world to put smile on their faces of people on every corner of the world. I want to be known globally as that comedian that visits prison, hospitals, home of the motherless and other places where people are so sad in order to put smile on their faces and rekindled their hopes.

Ibadankiniso:    To what extent do you think Nigerian youths are creative?

Yooba Boi: Nigerian youths are super creative in fashion, acting, comedy and in every aspect of life Nigerian youth are blessed with wisdom and knowledge. Most people who know about Nigeria outside Nigeria know us because of the creativity of our youths in sport and entertainment. There is no doubting the fact, that we are a gifted people

Ibadankiniso:  How do you hope to reach across to empower Nigerian youths in the future?”

Yooba Boi: To reach out will be for me to having my own shows for up and coming talented comedians as a platform to bring them up and to also search for talents in order to help them.

Ibadankiniso:  What else do you do apart from comedy?

Yooba Boi:  I sing, dance and write very well. Then I play soccer also. In fact, I am in a football club known as Sterling football club AKA Sterling Jet. Have won medals for them

Ibadankiniso:   Thank you for your time.

Yooba Boi:  The pleasure is mine. I really appreciate this opportunity. Kindly follow me on social media for my latest skits

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