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There is not ideal to attach negativity to hospitality business-Nwokoro Angela odira

Hospitality business is one which is usually misinterpreted by a number of people in Nigeria. If an average Nigerian hears the the word hotel or club, what comes to their mind is negativity. The reason for this is not far- fetched, which is because we are a religious people and over the years we have been made to believe erroneously that hospitality businesses are not good. In this chat with Ibadankiniso, the Manager of BlackGold Hotels, Ronke Angelica talks about what makes their hotels different and why people must have a new mindset about hospitality business.

Ibadankiniso:  Can we meet you ma?


Nwokoro Angela odira:  My name is Ronke Angelia ,  I am from Imo state.  I am a graduate of Adekunle Ajasin University  in Akungba Akoko in Ondo state . After my University education, I moved to continue life here in Ibadan.


Ibadankiniso: How did you become the manager of this hotel and why  did you choose to work in this type of establishment?


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Nwokoro Angela odira:  First, I am not a novice to this nature of business. This business is a kind of business that has been in my family for a while. My mother runs a relaxation centre which I have helped coordinate and manage. When the former manager of this hotel for some reasons didn’t meet up to the expectations of the director of BlackGold, the director; based on his knowledge about me as regards what I do for my mother, had to pressurize my mother to release me to work for him. After much consideration, I was released and that was how I became the manager and since then, it has been God.


Ibadankiniso:  Does your responsibility affect your personal life?


Nwokoro Angela odira: Although , I resumed not quite long ago;  It not even up to a month but frankly speaking it’s not easy because it almost ruined my relationship,  but thanks to God; my fiancé understood and even helped me out.


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Ibadankiniso:  What are your plans for this hotel?


Nwokoro Angela odira:  First; is to key my plans into the dreams of the founder. The dreams I have for this hotel is to be the best one because we have two branches, one at Felele and this one.  One of my cardinal plans is to make it a centre of relaxation and fun. A place where people of all classes can come and relax. If you check our facilities, you will see that we carefully put all classes of people into consideration .


Ibadankiniso:  Has there been any time when security operatives stormed this hotel?


Nwokoro Angela odira:  Of course not. And I don’t think there will be any because we do not harbor criminals and our business is legit. Our gates are open always and our services are not secretive. This hotel is an establishement that is well recognized by the law.


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Ibadankiniso:  What is your take on  the impression of people have about clubs?


Nwokoro Angela odira:  It is basically because Nigerians are too religious and our education is not well grounded. If you go abroad, hospitality is one of the biggest industries and there is no negativity attached to it but because everything in Nigeria is coloured by religion that is why we have such. But, it is getting better. People are beginning to realize that there is no harm in relaxing and catching fun. A married man may decide to take his wife out to spice up their evening.  So, there is no harm is catching fun.


Ibadankiniso:  What are your charges like?

Nwokoro Angela odira:  Our charges are pockets friendly and considerate. We have rooms from 3,500 naira which are fully furnished and neat.

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