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Wole Sawe
CEO Xquisitushers, Ibadan

With the rapid decline in Nigeria economy growth which ushered the country in to the worst recession in 2016, many experts in the field of the economy have predicted that 2017 will be tougher than 2016 but Mr. Wole Sawe, the brain behind Xquisite Ushering Agency in Ibadan sees this period as period of wealth for people who can provide solution to economic problems affecting the country. He is one of the top CEOs to watch out for in 2017. In this chat, he shares his thought and experience on his job and related issues. Enjoy

Ibadankiniso: Who is Mr Wole Sawe?

Xquisitushers: Wole Sawe is a brand event and project consultant.

Ibadankiniso: How do you see your company changing in the next two years and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Xquisitusxhes: Well, from the xquisit side, in two years we hope and believe that we will be one of the top most event outfits in the world that everyone will be looking for to coordinate their event and we want to achieve by adding value to events and the life of people whose events we plan and coordinate. Also, we are creating a platform of empowerment for the people working with us and for those who intend to learn and acquire skills. Xquisite is not just about planning and coordinating of event, it’s also a firm that makes people believe in themselves. Ushering job is not for everybody. If you are shy and scared, you can’t stand in the midst of crowd and get orders from people. So, what we do basically is to make all those who come to us for empowerment to believe in themselves and face reality of life. This is the change I see myself bringing on board. The change that makes individuals takes pride in what they do irrespective of what the society say
Ibadankiniso: Does the current situation of the economy have any effect on you creating this change?

Xquisitushers: Yes it does, because in creating this change and eradicating unemployment we have to partner with lot of people. For example, we have a lot of makeup artist, we could actually be their CSR corporate social responsibility, but the economy is not really given us the chance or even our partners the chance to bring that change to lime light sooner than we thought. However, I can say, people make it more in periods like this, because there are a lot of problems and with those problems you create solutions, so I can’t really put the blame on the economy or recession.

Ibadankiniso: Give us one word that describe you the best?

Xquisitushers: Humility. I am very humble and sincere, I wish everybody well and I have a large heart.

Ibadankiniso: What are your three (3) biggest achievements in 2016?

Xquisitushers: Firstly, we won JCI TOYP awards for the Top 10 outstanding youths in Nigeria. Secondly, we worked with the brand called ‘THE AFRICAN KIDS AND TEENS FASHION WEEK’ and finally, we were able to establish our entrepreneurial youth scheme

Ibadankiniso: Who are the CEOs you look up to?

Xquisitushers: Mrs. Adeola, the CEO of 2706. I love what she’s doing and her zeal for what she does. Secondly, I have Mr Favor, CEO house of Dexterity; he’s like an uncle to me and also Mr Gbenga, CEO A-Z Event planners.

Ibadankiniso: Who are your mentors home and abroad?
Xquisitushers: For me my mentors right now are just two. The first is God and the second are people I see and learn from. My pastor, Pastor Francis, the CEO Nustream event center and also all the top five (5) event planners in Nigeria.

Ibadankiniso: Tell us three things you like and dislike about your current position

Xquisitushers: From the things I don’t like; firstly, we don’t have a bus to ourselves for easy movement to occasions or events. Secondly, I don’t like the fact that the people you work for don’t appreciate what we do. By “work for” I mean like people you are trying to sponsor and in your trouble to make it work out, they are saying you don’t do enough. On that we will be stopping a lot of things 2017 especially when it comes to free services because people don’t appreciate it. And thirdly, I don’t like the fact that people talk too much just because we work with ladies. The talking Is of two advantage though, some talk much to the extent that it pays you, then some talk and it doesn’t pay, maybe because they don’t get regular jobs and you know we work with over a hundred (100) ladies, so when one is not called often, they keep saying something else, they even say we have favorites that we work with but some will also talk to your advantage and they will market you well.
About the things I like. Well, I like the fact that we are getting to be recognized as not just an ushering agency but an added value to life. I like the fact that we are more occupied with jobs, people calls us and appreciate what we do. I also like the fact that people you are aiming to work with, we are working with them, event planners, corporate bodies, big personalities etc we get calls from them and we get working together.

Ibadankiniso: Explain the rationale behind each of your career moves

Xquisitushers: Every time we have event and we are told or given the colors for the event, I try as much as possible to be creative and think outside the box and by doing this I don’t leave holy spirit behind, I can boldly say God and Holy spirit has been the key and I also do a lot of research and I read a lot, so I blend them all together.

Ibadankiniso: What has been you biggest let down in your career so far?

Xquisitushers: To be honest, I don’t think I have right now in my career, but I can only trace something of such to the ushers, like when they say what is not or when they even steal your idea and take to other agencies about what you do, it doesn’t make me feel good but at the same time I get more motivations from people, for example the awards tells me to keep doing what I know how to do best and made me realize people are watching me. None of our client so far has complained about our services, and to God be the glory, no accident and none of us is missing, we are all doing fine and accomplishing good things.

Ibadankiniso: How will a magazine or newspaper write a story about you?

Xquisitushers: Well, they should make it a true life story of a young and creative, self-taught entrepreneur that wants to affect the world positively from what he does even from Ibadan. Its just have to be said that it is all about changing lives, appreciating God, and celebrating where you are from. And also seen from the angle of decreasing the unemployment in the society and mostly adding value to lives. I do what I do because I see a need to fill in a particular gap and in doing that money will surely come in.


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