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For a long time, video games were considered harmful to the health of children and adolescents. However, with the advancement of medicine and more comprehensive studies, science has shown that in reality, video games can be great allies of child development. When achieving the right balance, this kind of entertainment can offer major benefits, particularly for cognition and motor coordination. Proving the beneficial role of games in children’s development, we list some of the greatest benefits to our littlest players: Logical reasoning, frustration tolerance, reasoning agility, improved attention, physical exercise and lots more.

While play is crucial for a child’s development, it is also beneficial for people of all ages. Play can add joy to life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and connect you to others and the world around you. Play can also make work more.

HOT SPOT PLAY is a game house that serves all the above listed importance and much more. And the good news is that, it is situated in AGBOWO for we the IBADAN people plus it’s very affordable. Not fetched reason why people don’t like to visit game houses is because they feel it’s usually crowdy, not conducive, not comfortable and not secured but no need for worries because HOT SPOT PLAY has beaten you to it. It’s a modern, spacious, conducive, secured, beautifully designed and well-furnished game house. In this edition of “Engine Room”, we bring you our interview with Adewunmi Akinpelu, the manager of Hotspot Play. Enjoy!hot play1

IBADANKINISO:   Can we meet you please?

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ADEWUNMI AKINPELU: I’m Adewunmi Akinpelu, the manager of HOT SPOT PLAY, this is where customers get to play different kind of games; be it XBOX, PLAYSTATION and other platforms.

IBADANKINISO: What was the motive behind this establishment?

ADEWUNMI AKINPELU:  The motive was to setup a gaming lounge where customers don’t have to pay much and still get the gaming experience they can get elsewhere. The game lounges in malls and other places are quite expensive when compared to ours at HOT SPOT PLAY. The motive is just to create a gaming relaxation center for everyone at a very affordable price.

IBADANKINISO:  What are the services rendered at HOT SPOT PLAY?

ADEWUNMI AKINPELU:  At HOT SPOT PLAY, we render services to people that wants to play games, as I have said earlier. We make sure customers gets satisfaction from the services we render. We have a standby generator in case of power failure, comfortable seat, air play5

IBADANKINISO:   If I decide to play a game now, what options do I have?


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ADEWUNMI AKINPELU:   We have soccer games like FIFA, PES, WINNING ELEVEN; we also have action games like, LORD OF THE RINGS, CALL OF DUTY, STARWARS, and various more on different platforms.

IBADANKINISO:  Is there any age limit when one wants to patronize HOT SPOT PLAY?

ADEWUNMI AKINPELU: We welcome all ages and categories of people. Since we established this center, we have been hosting different categories of people, from women to men, old ones, and children and so on because we have games that fit in different categories of people.

IBADANKINISO:  How does the economy recession affecting the establishment?

ADEWUNMI AKINPELU:   I won’t say the recession is not affecting us. To be sincere, this business type is secondary because people will only patronize when they have settled all their basic needs or in rare cases when the players are addicted to a particular game. We still get patronage because our prices; customers always say our prices are affordable.

hot play566IBADANKINISO:  What are your charges?

ADEWUNMI AKINPELU: We charge #100 per game, for any game.

IBADANKINISO:  Are there exclusive tickets apart from the normal ticket prize, like premium and gold ticket to indicate VIP treatment?

ADEWUNMI AKINPELU:  Well, for now we don’t have that, though we are considering it but presently our customers pay drinks and refreshments separately. So, all tickets sell for one hundred naira.

IBADANKINISO: Thank you very much for your time.

ADEWUNMI AKINPELU:  It’s my pleasure.



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