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We are exceedingly pleased to express congratulations to Chief Yemi Soladoye on his election as the New President General of the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes( CCII).

May the Almighty Allah guide his tenure and bless him with splendid achievements in the direction of the progress of Ibadan which is the Pulsating Center of Yoruba Ways of life and the largest City in the Subsharan Africa.

We are also pleased to state that Chief Soladoye is an eminent benefactor of the
Adegoke Adelabu Dynasty.

He was the Chairman of the Planning Committee on the 90th Posthumous Birthday Events in honor of our Patriarch, Alhaji( Hon) Gbadamosi Oduola Akande Adegoke Adelabu.

The event was held at the banquet Hall of the Premier Hotel, Ibadan in 2005.

Therefore, this Platform on which he is honored owes its existence to him as one of the intellectually courageous enthusiasts in the life and lifework of our Patriarch. This Cause would support his own Cause in accordance with the law of give- and- take.

Our amiable President General should call to mind that our Blessed City was founded on freedom- Loving and Freedom- Fighting Principles. This explains the fact that what US is to the Europeans is what Ibadan is to all Yorubas.

Therefore, our people are fighting against hunger, alienation, joblessness and unhappiness in all its manifestations.

The fight is hard, the achievements little, and the result is dirty environment, bad boys, frustrated fathers, unhappy mothers, suffering children, unemployed youths, alienated men and women in the majority of instances.

Our Sociocultural Organization should support government in the amelioration of this saddening situation.
We shall support the CCII with our Proposal in this regard inshaa Allah.

We congratulate our President General.

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