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He stole my N91,000, broke my head, removed my tooth —Wife

Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, listened to a  divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Aminat Badmus against her husband, Kazeem Badmus.

Aminat had alleged that her husband was in the habit of beating her any time they had a disagreement. She also stated that the defendant on many occasions borrowed money from her but never paid back.

“I am fed up with our marriage. I can no more endure the beatings from my husband. While other men prove their worth as the head of their homes through the love and care they shower on their households, my husband proves he’s a man by kicking and boxing me always.

“There was no time he didn’t leave a scar on me any time he beats me. The last time he did, he hit me on the head with a hard and sharp object which left a deep cut there. I lost so much blood and was rushed to the hospital where the cut was stitched.

“I also lost a tooth during the incident, the plaintiff stated.

“I’m a thrift collector and also sell kerosene. I have lent my husband money on many occasions but he never deemed it fit to make a refund. Whenever I ask him for the money, he turns it into a fight. I’m therefore always left with paying the debt.

“My lord, I have decided to drag my husband to court because he stole N91, 500 from me. He didn’t admit to stealing the money until I reported him to his elder brother.

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“He confessed to his brother that he took the money after he had threatened him. I  had gone to the shrine and his name was mentioned as the thief.

“His brother told him to make a refund of the money but he refused. I therefore seized his car key. When I saw he was still not willing to return the money, I called someone to help me drive the car to my brother’s place and kept it there.

“When he saw the step I took, he threatened to   get me arrested by the police. He came to my shop, beat and tore my clothes and carried away my goods.  He later got me arrested by the police

“His brother again intervened in the matter. I was released and he was ordered to pay me back my money. He made a refund of only N30,000 throughout last year.

“In February this year, I came across the sum of N10, 500  he kept somewhere in the house and took N10,000 out of it.

“He became furious when he discovered I had taken the money and descended on me with blows.

“He also stopped giving the children food allowance.

“I fled from home when I realised he was going to kill me, “she stated.

‘’My lord, I’m no more interested in being married to a debtor and brute, please end our marriage, ”she concluded.

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The respondent agreed to the plaintiff’s prayer of divorce.

“My lord, she can go if she wants. I am also no longer interest in our marriage, “he told the court.

“She’s complaining that I owe her money, but she didn’t tell the court that she and her mum caused me to be indebted to the tune of N350,000.

“My mother in-law came to me for help when her business took a downturn and I gave her yam flour worth N350,000  to sell. The agreement was that she will pay back the money after sales but she reneged on the agreement.

“This took its toll on my business because I couldn’t pay those who I bought the yam flour from. They threatened to seize my car and arrest me with the police. I became an object of ridicule among my colleagues in the market.

“My wife knew all these but did nothing. She continually gave me the impression that she had no money and I believed this until I discovered the N91, 00 she kept in the water closet in the toilet.

“I took the money and added N9,000 to it and paid back the sum of N100,000 out of the N350,000 my  mother in-law was owing me.

“When she discovered I have taken the money, she raked, the defendant stated.

“My wife has also proved not to be a caring mother. Our first child gained admission into the university and while I was making efforts to provide him with the necessary things, all she was concerned about was buying aso ebi (uniform) for parties.

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“I  was initially in the habit of buying foodstuff, pepper and meat for the home, but I later stopped because she was not appreciative of my good gestures.

“My wife is a slut and messes around with her lovers. She’s also diabolical and fond of hanging objects on walls in the home and her shop. I sometimes come across calabashes and pots containing fetish objects which to me is very embarrassing.

“All these are known to my mother in-law and instead of counseling her daughter, she covers up for her.

“My wife also stole my N25,000  belonging to my customers despite her knowledge of the hardship I’m going through and has refused to return it.

“It is true we fought over it, but I was surprised on coming back from shop that she had packed her belongings and that of the children and left home.

“Since she has decided to leave home on  her own volition and even had the audacity to  drag me to court,  she can regard herself as forever gone from my home,” he told the court.

The court president, Chief Agbaje Olasunkanmi, after listening to the duo ordered that they appear in court again with their parents or relatives and adjourned the case till March 17.

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