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“I have been jeered and booed by the crowd on my first freestyle performance” CeanCapzee

CeanCapzee’s is into all genre of music. He is passionate about music to the core and finds this profession as the best thing that has ever happened to him. However, rising as an upcoming artiste has it up and down momens. CeanCapzee did not hide those down moments; he even said he had his moment of jeering and booing from the crowd.

IbadanKiniso: We would like to meet you

CeanCapzee: Cornelius Ademola. My stage name is Cean Capzee

IbadanKiniso: How did you come up with the name?

CeanCapzee: Back in SS3 my classmates think I sing like Sean Tizzle so I coined mine to Cean and the Capzee is just the initials of my name.

IbadanKiniso: We would like to know your background both family and educational background

CeanCapzee: I am the first of three children. I attended Government College Ibadan and I am a graduate of the Federal College of Agriculture Ibadan.

IbadanKiniso: What genre of music do you sing?

CeanCapzee: My kind of song is like almost the genre. I do R&B, Afro, Hip-Pop, Highlife, I aslo rap and I do reggae too.

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IbadanKiniso: What inspired you to sing?

CeanCapzee: I love music. I sing about things that happen around me and sometimes I cry while I write my songs too.

IbadanKiniso: Is anyone musically inclined in your family?

CeanCapzee: hmmm, yes my grandfather, he was into Juju music. Actually I was told because I didn’t get to meet him.

IbadanKiniso: How supportive were your family members?

CeanCapzee: Everyone was in total support of my music career.

IbadanKiniso: Do you have anyone in the industry that you see as role model?

CeanCapzee: Yeah, I like Sean Tizzle and Wizkid and I like 2face because he is humble.

IbadanKiniso: How do get your lyrics?

CeanCapzee: (laughs) it is funny though, I get my lyrics while in church, or I listen to instrumentals or I feel like free styling and then it becomes cool to me.

IbadanKiniso:  How many songs have you written and produced?


CeanCapzee: I have written 10 and I have produced three songs.

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IbadanKiniso: It is no longer news that you are dropping a hit song soon..

CeanCapzee: It is my third track and it is titled “Wello” and it is a dance track and the instructional video will soon be out on instagram, there you will get to see the unique dance for the song.

IbadanKiniso: What do you hope to achieve with music?

CeanCapzee: I want music to be like a profession for me and the monetary and the fame aspects of music are what I hope to achieve. I want to be a celebrity and make sure my music touches everyone in the society.

IbadanKiniso: What are the challenges you have faced in the music industry?

CeanCapzee: It’s been really hard. Most times you use a whole day recording and rewriting lyrics, and again producing it is not about m e but doing what the people want to listen to. So I must say it has been really challenging. Promoting songs and getting shows are also part of the challenges I face also.

IbadanKiniso: How would you describe the journey as an upcoming artiste?

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CeanCapzee: O God! My first performance I messed up, seeing crowd made me afraid, my voice went off. It was freestyle and I couldn’t sing anything even when I tried to sing, it was off key. The crowd jeered and booed at me and the MC asked me to go back.

IbadanKiniso: What is your definition of success?

CeanCapzee: Achieving your goal is what defines my success and being fulfilled.

IbadanKiniso: What is your advice to other upcoming artiste?

CeanCapzee: Just do your thing, prayer and keep believing and hard work is necessary.

IbadanKiniso: What is your take on morality and music in the music industry?

CeanCapzee: most people feel if you are into anything social you are not religious but that does not count. You just have to do your thing, it is not necessary they believe what you say or do just do your thing.

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