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I Have Passion for Passion….CEO, FUSCHIA

Makeover is the order of the day. You hardly see a lady that is not wearing makeup no matter how little. On special occasions, celebrants do makeup too with efforts from professional Makeup Artists; even other ladies in attendance are not usually left out. The unending needs of the services of Makeup Artists have made it a very lucrative business to venture into.

Have you ever wondered why some make up looks funny while others look just perfect? A chat with FUSCHIA WORKS answered this question and many other things to know about being a Makeup Artistt.

IBADANKINISO: Can we meet you ma?


IBADANKINISO: Obviously, you are a makeup artist. Asides from being a Makeup Artist, what do you do?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: I actually studied Law at Obafemi Awolowo University and I didn’t just study law, I graduated from Law School, so I am a lawyer. I have practiced for two years and for me, I think that is enough. I don’t want to delve into what lawyers are facing in Nigeria. At least two years practice time is enough time for me and I decided to delve into business.

IBADANKINISO: When you were thinking of things to do, what instigated your choice of being a Makeup Artist?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: Right from time, I have always loved everything beauty. While I was studying Law, my friends know me well, I made hair, sold weaves, clothes and anything that had to do with fashion. I have passion for passion. So, when I decided not to practice again that was the next thing that came to my mind.

IBADANKINISO: When did you start learning to be a Makeup Artist? Was it while you were in school or while you were practicing?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: I had finished Law school. I was waiting for Law School results when I learnt Makeup.

IBADANKINISO: How many years ago was that?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: That was in year 2013. That is like four years now.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-27 at 13.54.22IBADANKINISO: How long have you been here, I mean your studio?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS:  I just got here last year. I have been working without a studio.

IBADANKINISO: Do you still sell clothes and other things that have to do with fashion?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: I don’t sell clothes anymore neither do I make hair but asides from being a Makeup Artist, I still do other things that has to do with fashion such as bead making, pedicure, manicure and also sell jewelleries.

IBADANKINISO: Which prominent clients or celebrities have you worked for?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: If I mention them, you might not know them but I have worked with a lot of clients.

IBADANKINISO: What challenges do you face as a Makeup Artist?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS:  MakeUp is not what it used to be. Being a Makeup Artist is now something big, so everyone is doing it. There are lots of non professionals that have ventured into the business and they are the ones affecting the works of professional Makeup Artist like us. Some come into the industry just by learning from Youtube videos.

Another challenge is with the clients. Some won’t let you do what you have to do, while others will never get satisfied.

Location is also a factor that has been affecting. Like in Lagos now, they charge more for same services we offer here in Ibadan but we buy the cosmetics at the same price.


FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: Anybody can be a Makeup Artist but I will say Makeup Artist is different from Makeup Artist. At FUSCHIA WORKS, it is our results and works that single us out. Our jobs define us and so far we have been getting positive responses from clients and a lot of referrals. We also maintain good relationship with our clients.

IBADANKINISO: What difficulty did you face while starting up?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: Before I got a place, for like almost a year I wasn’t doing make up. I had to stop for a while when I got married and got pregnant. While I was pregnant, it was difficult for me to even make up on my face and I think it was due to pregnancy hormones. I had resigned all these while and I did not have a studio. I actually really wanted to work then.

When I wanted to get this studio, I made sure I brushed up on my skills. I went for Masters Class in Makeup and gele because not doing make up for like a year was like I hadn’t learnt Makeup at all. There were new styles and things to be learnt. I had to step up in that.


FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: Pink has always been my best color. You know how girls used to love pink and Barbie.

IBADANKINISO: But there is no pink in your studio?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: It doesn’t matter. When I wanted to pick a name, I didn’t want to use my name or anybody’s name because while you are trying to register you might find out that someone has used that name, so I wanted something unique. In fact before FUSCHIA WORKS, it was FASHION FUSCHIA. I didn’t want it to be only makeover. I didn’t want to restrict my business to only makeup because I knew I wanted to do more than makeover but while I was trying to register, the name was not available. So I changed it to FUSCHIA WORKS, the ‘WORKS’ meaning that it’s not only Makeover. Like I mentioned earlier, beads making, jewellery, pedicure, manicure and all products of cosmetic sales.

IBADANKINISO: How do you charge?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: It depends. If we will be travelling out of Ibadan, the charges will be different. It also depends on the number of people we are doing Makeup for. Sometimes, it’s only the bride while other times the bride might want us make up for her mother, bridesmaid or friends. There is a form to be filled for that. It also depends on the number of days. The type of package also depends. If the bride gives out the contract ranging from her hair, accessories, clothes and makeup, it is usually cheaper than other packages.  

IBADANKINISO: Any not so good experience you had with a client?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: Yes. I had one job I regretted. The job was at Apata, not just Apata o. It was the interiors of Apata. I got the job through a neighbor of mine. When I charged the bride, she said she couldn’t afford that much so I had to beat down the price to like the cheapest I could afford and she said she wasn’t going to pay before service, that she will pay on the wedding day. I had to accept because she was already talking like I didn’t want to work for her. After I went a long and stressful distance to get to the venue, she paid in bits.

IBADANKINISO: Any regrets so far?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: No regrets and I am grateful to God for where I am working towards becoming a better person and a better Makeup Artist.

IBADANKINISO: Do you also train?

FUSCHIA MAKEOVERS: Yes, I train. Prices of training depend on whether the person wants to be a professional or wants to learn for themselves; we call that Do It Yourself (DIY). It also depends on whether the person will be getting her makeup items from us after training. But it is very affordable.



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