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“The challenges are tough but am stronger” – TeeDeeVee

In recent times, the Nigerian entertainment industry has witnessed an invasion from professionals and individuals who had all it takes to make a name for themselves in their professional paths but instead, they choosed entertainment. From Falz to Funke Akindele, to Dr. Sid. The list is endless. In this same path is Komolafe Temilorun, popularly known as TeeDeeVee, a 300level Law student of University of Ibadan who recently visited the Ibadankiniso office for an exclusive media chat. One distinguishing feature about TeeDeeVee is that he is bold and daring enough to ditch Law for the music industry. He talks about his journey in the music industry and how he hopes to carve a niche for himself in the industry. Here’s the scoop:

IbadanKiniso: We would like to meet you

TDV: My name is Komolafe Temilorun and my stage name is TeeDeeVee.

IbadanKiniso: How was growing up like for you? Can you give us an insight into your background?

TDV: I actually come from a family of four boys and I am the last born. What this means is that, we had a very challenging environment because we had to do chores traditionally meant for the female gender. Our parents ensured they gave us the necessary values which are helping me till date. As for my education, I am a 300level student of University of Ibadan and I am studying Law. I got to University of Ibadan 2016 through direct entry mode.

IbadanKiniso: Being the last child of your parents, would you say you had leeway to behave anyhow?

TDV: (Laughs) no, there was discipline. Discipline from left, right and centre. What this means is that, if I run to my dad, I would be disciplined. If I run to my mum, I would be disciplined and my brothers themselves were not too cool to accommodate misbehavior from me

IbadanKiniso: How have you been able to cope with music and studying Law?

TDV: It has not been easy. I started music five years ago even before gaining admission. Getting to school to study Law complicated everything and it wasn’t easy to blend both together. But because the zeal and determination is strong, I had to keep pushing believing in God to make a way and so far, I would say I can see light at the end of the tunnel

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IbadanKiniso: What inspired you to go into music?

TDV: Many things but I will mention few. My mum influenced my music but she might not really know it and it is coded. Again over the years I must say life has challenged me and it has made me focus and determined.

IbadanKiniso: Is anyone musically inclined in your family?

TDV: No. Music is talent; some people get to study it but to me it is a talent. My siblings are gifted in other things. There is a saying that “we are equally created but not equally talented”. So everyone has to discover that purpose of which they were created. For me, I think my purpose is tied to music

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-06 at 08.10.29(3)IbadanKiniso: Are you trying to say that you would face music as your profession? What about law?

TDV: I have long term plans for music. Though I am studying law but in everything, talents actually supersede and I have plans on making it as profession. I will choose music over law. I must tell you, one thing people misinterpret is that they equate happiness with status and profession. It is one thing to be successful in law it is another thing to be fulfilled and happy. If you would ask me again and again, I will stick to Music because that is where my happiness and fulfillment lies

IbadanKiniso: Are you following the pattern of Falz the bad guy or inspired by his path since he alos abandoned Law for Music?

TDV:  I am following no one’s footsteps. I am just going after my heart desire. Doing what I know how to do best and getting satisfaction from it. Though, I may not be the first to trek the path, that doesn’t mean, I am following their path. I am on my own lane

IbadanKiniso: Do you have anyone in the industry that you see as role model?

TDV: Yeah, I am looking up to people like 2face, I like his music, I like Simi though she is new, I like Tiwa Savage and I like Banky W

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WhatsApp Image 2017-03-06 at 08.10.29(1)IbadanKiniso: What kind of music do you sing?

TDV: Afro-pop and a little bit of R&B songs and I have and R&B song on ITunes. The truth of the matter is that I do songs based on the feelings of the moment. What I feel at the moment determines the inspiration that will come after

IbadanKiniso: How do get your lyrics

TDV: I get my lyrics from several places. I get lyrics from encounters with people through personal relationship and things happening around. As a young musician, I cannot boldly say all lyrics are from my experiences. No, I learn from the wisdom of others also

IbadanKiniso:  What do you sing about mostly?

TDV: (laughs) I sing about love and life. These are the cardinal pillars of life. I strongly believe there is no life without love.

IbadanKiniso: Since your music is based on love, does that mean you would not move away from love issue? What about issues away from love, such as politics, economy?

TDV: That is where life comes in; life is dynamic so I am not saying it will be all about love. Singing about life also will give room for other issues. And I must emphasis that singing about love is not all about boy and girl in a relationship, there is also mother to child kind of love and love for humanity

IbadanKiniso:  How many songs have you written and release?

TDV: I have written up to 15 songs as an upcoming artiste. But you cannot use my upcoming songs to judge me because some of them were trials where I was trying to check my ability. But then again, I would say I have 8 dope songs.

IbadanKiniso: Dope songs, you say. So how many awards have you won?

TDV: I started professionally 2013. By 2014 I was nominated for a radio shoot; it is an award, Survival of the Fittest. Subsequently I was nominated for another award, Top Naija Music Awards last year under Best R&B Single but I didn’t win painfully. This year I was nominated on March 1 for two awards; Nigerian Campus Choice Awards and Nigerian Campus Artiste of the Year. Again I was nominated for the ESCAPE Awards, under the Rising Star category which is sponsored by Don Jazzy. That is the latest now and I want all my fans to support me in bringing this home

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IbadanKiniso: What do you hope to achieve with music?

TDV: I hope to achieve a lot. Music is business and business is money. I hope to achieve the fame which is going to come very soon, and I hope to inspire a new kind of mindset that will get people moved and begin to think about their life. I tell people it is not until you sing gospel that you can touch people’s lives.

IbadanKiniso: What has the industry taught you?

TDV: A lot, challenges you face as per recording, getting it out, etc but focus and determination has been the key. I have learnt in the music industry.

IbadanKiniso: What is your defining moment since you started music

TDV: I have a video which was premiered on HipTv. For me last year was the best for me in my music career. I got several recognitions both on Radio and TVs

IbadanKiniso: What is your definition of success?

TDV: Success is not about making money, its about making impacts. For me I hope to be on my own but if a record label comes for me it is success for me. Again if win the don jazzy award that will be success too.

IbadanKiniso: What is your take on morality and music in the music industry?

TDV: Morality is relative. Something moral to me may not be the same to another. For me singing about girls and their cleavages is not bringing anything. Morality is singing about love and life that will benefit the people. I have a song “wetin man go do” although it has not been produced but it is talking about life in general and to me that is morality, singing about what you think the society could benefit from.

IbadanKiniso:  Thank you for coming around TeedeeVee

TDV: It’s great to be here. I appreciate Ibadankiniso
















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