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Tim and Tina Chat (3)

(Tim and Tina are at the Nescafé Garden, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan. The air is thick with the noise of so many students moving around.)

TINA:Hi, Timo! How has your day been? You commented on my Whatsapp status update last night that my make-up was too heavy.💄 Why? Is it paining ya body?

TIM:Ehnehn…..well, that’s true. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that yesterday was your birthday photoshoot. Why the heavy make up o, if I may ask?

TINA:I just wanted to look more beautiful. Is that a crime?

TIM:Haba! No, it isn’t. But I think it was just tooooo much! Besides, for the past two weeks, it has been looking like you are obsessed with it. Plus, I think your natural beauty is just ‘kampe’ so makeup isn’t a must for you.

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TINA:All the best o! You nko, I heard you had an argument with your male classmates about tattoos and piercings.

TIM🙁Laughs) So paparazzi don dey everywhere now o. Don’t mind that boy abeg. I told him that I would love to have tattoos on my left arm and just pierce one of my ears. Na so the boy dey start to tell me stories about how bad it is. Me, I just think tats and earrings make one look better and mature.

TINA:See, you don’t have any reason to complain about my heavy makeup if you wanna up ya game too.😜

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TIM:Nikini abegii. Make up is horrible. It hides your real face! Many times, we have to stare hard before we recognise you girls

TINA:You aren’t serious at all. What’s the point of a guy getting piercings and tats, anyway?

TIM: I want to cover my scars but I still don’t see anything bad about them. Who makeup epp abeg?(Hisses)



AUNTY GOODSENSE: The issue here isn’t the rightness or wrongness of any adornment. The question is- is your self-worth high with or without any additional beautification?  DO YOU REALLY LOVE YOU? Truth is, every human being is BEAUTY-FULL since  God, the originator of beauty, created us all!!!



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