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You Heard Right; INEC Waited 5years Before Compensating Ex-Corper Who Lost His Sight as INEC Adhoc Staff 2011

Yesterday, the folks at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) offered Daniel Oluwatobi a letter of appointment, and on Oluwatobi’s request, he was posted to the state of his choice: Ogun.

Oluwatobi, an ex-Corps member lost his sight after he had an accident, while serving as an INEC ad-hoc staff in Yobe State during the 2011 general elections. As compensation, the commission offered to give the victim employment, and yesterday, that promised was fulfilled.

While some people applauded the commission for keeping their word, some have noted the duration it took before Oluwatobi was ‘remembered’.

And the question that many Nigerians are asking now is this: why did it take SO LONG before the commission could do something, anything for the Oluwatobi.

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What did they do for him beyond his treatment? How has been living, coping, before 2016?

Did the commission ensure he underwent therapy to help him get through the trauma? What job did they offer him?

For all Nigerians know, the commission held a photo-ops yesterday, handed him a letter while grinning at the camera, and that could be the end of it all.

This has raised quite an outrage, especially considering how issues like this are handled tackily.

See some of the reactions on social media:

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